Senior Consultant New Caledonia

Nouméa, New Caledonia

Job Responsibilities

  • Manage and assist with the preparation of RFPs [Request For Proposals], as well as providing the sales team with functional, technical, and industry support in the creation of ROI templates and other sales tools, as required.
  • Manage existing customer relationships and build a new customer base.
  • Control accounts receivable and resolve commercial issues. 
  • Create value for our clients. 
  • Manage the delivery of our ERP projects in time and on-budget. 
  • Control the project budget and generate margins. 
  • Manage the resources; both  in-house, and outsourcing. 
  • Assist our team with sales meetings as well as preparing stunning Odoo demos.
  • Coordinate the project, delegate tasks and lead your team.
  • Train the users and keep healthy communication with clients. 
  • Help to improve our project methodology. 

Job Requirements

  • Minimum of 5+ years of relevant experience in the IT industry or Project Management. 
  • Experience working on Odoo-related projects as an Analyst, Consultant, or Project Manager will be an advantage.
  • Bachelor's degree in Information Systems / Computer Science / Business / Accounting / Management. Master's degree  in business management is an advantage.
  • Excellent communication, presentation, and writing skills in English.
  • Strong interpersonal and leadership skills.
  • Ability to combine skills of a Project Manager / Consultant and an Analyst / Solution Architect.
  • Have a passion for IT  and motivation to learn new skills.

Our recruitment steps

Send us your CV

Share with us your CV detailing your skills, work experience, and relevant projects.

Answer Questionnaire

We will send you a few questions to learn more about your background, motivation, and expectations.

Interview with HR

Our HR team will conduct an interview to assess your suitability for the position at Portcities.

Meet Hiring Manager

Our hiring manager will be looking to understand if your unique skills and experiences align with Portcities' goals.

Case Study

​We send you a business case that you are required to complete to show your skills & experience with analysis and communication.

Meet the Leaders

Present your case study to our director. We will evaluate your technical proficiency, strategic thinking, creativity, and communication skills.

Get a Job Offer

Once you have successfully passed all the steps, we will extend a job offer for you to join our team.

​First Day at Portcities

Join us, meet your new colleagues, and start enjoying the ride with Portcities!

What do we offer?

Compensation & Perks

We offer an attractive salary package, including a performance-based bonus. Your hard work and successful projects directly translate into your rewards. 

Team Building & Events

We believe in creating a diverse and inclusive workplace culture that supports the growth and well-being of our team members both professionally and personally.

Coaching & Mentoring

Our comprehensive coaching and mentoring program empowers our staff for future success. We provide coaching sessions with documentation and practices to accelerate learning, refine skills, and navigate challenges.

Flexible Working Hours

At Portcities, we understand that our team has diverse needs and responsibilities outside of work. We have flexible working hours, so you can better manage your schedule and find the optimal time for productivity.

Internal Transfer Opportunities

Portcities, with 12 branches worldwide, offers internal transfer opportunities, providing exposure to different regions and cultures and enhancing your career journey.

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