Port Cities Wins Best Partner APAC Award Again At Odoo Experience 2021

Port Cities unveiled as a three-time winner of Best Odoo Partner APAC at Odoo Experience 2021.

For the global Odoo community and business world, Odoo Experience is an event to look forward to every year. It is an annual event where Odoo hosts business leaders and professionals worldwide, discussing topics that range from Odoo’s best practices and business growth to functional capabilities and most expectedly, Odoo’s latest version - Odoo 15. 

Once a year, Odoo Experience is filled with business talks and workshops, training sessions, live concerts, and lots of fun. It is usually an occasion to learn from experts from all over the world who use the Odoo solution to help businesses of all sizes improve their operations.

Odoo Experience started more than a decade ago, and it has since then served as one of the biggest open-source ERP and business events to attend every year. This year’s event held on October 6th and 7th couldn’t be any better. While the event was held online, the inspirational talks, success stories, and the release of Odoo 15 all lived up to expectations. During this event, Port Cities also hosted a workshop on Optimizing Odoo Websites’ Performance in SERP.


What's more?

Port Cities won The Best Odoo Partner APAC 2021!

Odoo Awards 2021

Every year, it is Odoo’s custom to reward its outstanding partners and contributors from around the world. These partners are firms that have displayed exemplary attributes and have shown great support towards the Odoo values. They have also demonstrated exceptional ability to tackle diverse customer needs in different sectors. This year, there were 39 partner nominees and six contributor nominees.

Port Cities was awarded in 2019 and 2020 as Odoo’s Best Partner in the Asia Pacific region. This year, 2021, makes it the third consecutive year we have won the prestigious award. It is a testimony of our team’s relentless attitude towards increasing customer satisfaction, supporting Odoo development and certification, and encouraging a cordial relationship with our account managers. It is also proof of our strong presence in the APAC market and our vision of being the best Odoo partner in the world.

About Port Cities

Since Port Cities’ inception in 1997, our primary goal has been to increase businesses’ efficiency. While we started with business process consultation, today, we use the ERP system Odoo to deliver smart, affordable, and flexible  IT solutions to our clients worldwide.

We are present in 4 continents, with a team distributed in 11 countries and 14 offices with implementations in more than 25 countries. You will find Port Cities in Indonesia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Mexico, Columbia, UK, and France.

Our vision is to make sure IT systems are implemented the right way. And Odoo solution’s flexibility, uniqueness, and scalability align with our goal. Our efforts in the past years have seen us grow to become one of the biggest Odoo partners in the world, and we have been duly rewarded. So far, we have been awarded:

  • Odoo Best Partner APAC 2021  

  • Odoo Best Partner APAC 2020  

  • Odoo Best Starter APAC 2020 - Vietnam

  • Odoo Best Partner APAC 2019

  • Odoo Best Starter APAC 2017 - Indonesia

This recognition would not have been possible without the effort of our team of professionals who are duly committed to our collective goal. The trust we gained from our clients also helped a great deal. It is their decision to partner with us that has earned us this remarkable feat. We would like to say thank you to Toyota Trust, AEON, Allnex and many other clients who have decided to collaborate with Port Cities over the years, as we take our message to every part of Europe and the Americas over the next 12 months.

If you missed last year’s Odoo Experience 2020, visit the playlist of the talks delivered by Port Cities experts discussing the projects & success stories that helped make us the Best Odoo Partner APAC here.

If you are looking to improve and streamline your business operations, then an ERP system like Odoo is what you need. As a five-time award-winning Odoo Partner and a team with global expertise, you can be sure that we can help address any business challenges. Reach out to us today; our consultants will be happy to help.

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