Customizing Odoo to Improve HR Management in Manufacturing - Aneka Tuna Success Story

Learn on how Odoo ERP revamped tuna canning factory and ensured local tax policy compliance.
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Name of Company: PT Aneka Tuna Indonesia

Location: Indonesia

Industry: A leading tuna canning factory

Company size: Large

Number of users: > 3,000 employees

Time of implementation: 1 year

Systems implemented: Human Resources modules


About Aneka Tuna

PT Aneka Tuna Indonesia (ATI) is a major participant in the tuna canning factory. This company was founded in October 1991 by Itochu Corporation, Hagoromo Foods Corporation, and a foreign firm. The company's canned tuna is popular in Indonesia, Japan, Europe, the Middle East, Australia, Canada, Africa, and the USA.

The company manufactures and distributes canned tuna to a varied customer base. This includes the lower and middle classes. Beyond its products, the corporation values quality in people resources. 

As Aneka Tuna Indonesia grew, HR management became necessary. Effective human resource management is crucial for everyday operations and long-term success. Advanced tools are needed to manage 3,000 people and ensure satisfaction.

Therefore, PT Aneka Tuna Indonesia has sought Odoo partner Portcities to streamline and improve its human resources procedures.

Products of Aneka Tuna

The challenge

Before PT Aneka Tuna Indonesia switched to the Odoo ERP, they used Spisy to handle their payroll. The predicament with Spisy was evident - a lack of automation and integration. 

As the company tried to grow, it became more difficult. There wasn't a single system that could handle all HR tasks. Aneka Tuna knew that things needed to change, so they looked for a complete way to give their HR staff more power.

To face these challenges, Aneka Tuna Indonesia outlined several key objectives: 

  • Cost-cutting: Spisy's inefficiencies wasted time and money. Aneka Tuna wanted to streamline procedures and cut costs.
  • HR Customized Modules: Aneka Tuna required customized HR modules. They wanted a solution that could flow like the ocean and adapt to their human resources landscape.
  • Automated and Integrated Payroll Application: Aneka Tuna struggled with complex tax regulations. The goal was to have a fully integrated payroll tool that would work with Indonesian tax rules. Also, they don’t need any extra hand calculations.
  • Business Process Adjustments: Aneka Tuna Indonesia wanted to change its current processes. So, they would work with the new system. However, the COVID-19 epidemic led to urgent business process changes during deployment.

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Portcities’ Solution

Commencing in 2019–2020, Portcities stepped in to revolutionize Aneka Tuna's operations by implementing Odoo ERP, with a focus on optimizing Human Resources (HR) functions. 

Portcities initiated a comprehensive project for PT Aneka Tuna Indonesia. This project had two Odoo v12 Community Edition phases.

Phase 1 (2019)

Odoo Version: Odoo v12 CE

Installed Odoo apps: Leaves, Payroll (phase 1), Recruitment

Since June 2019, PT ATI has prioritized optimizing critical HR business operations. This phase implemented three Odoo apps.

Phase 1.2 (2020)

Odoo Version: Odoo v12 CE

Installed Odoo apps: Attendance, Employees, Payroll (phase 2 - complete with tax integration)

Odoo implementation for PT ATI reached a milestone in December 2020 with the second phase. This expansion added modules to automate payroll, integrate local tax regulations for correct calculations, track employee career graphs, and integrate attendance machines for streamlined attendance management.

The project took 1.5 years, including three months of thorough wage calculation verification.

Odoo 12 CE's flexibility reduced monthly or annual payments for other HR software. This app provided PT Aneka Tuna Indonesia with a complete and cost-effective solution.

The Odoo implementation by Portcities has proven exceptionally smooth and hassle-free. Thanks to its well-designed structure, users express a high level of comfort and ease with the program. The system's seamless operation and minimal challenges contribute to its overall success, while its solid foundation allows for straightforward expansion and development.

Andre Iskandar IT Department officer, PT Aneka Tuna Indonesia.

Quick Results and User Adaptation

The implementation of Odoo ERP at Aneka Tuna Indonesia emerged as a beacon of swift results and seamless user adaptation.

Key Achievements

Odoo ERP gave Aneka Tuna Indonesia a wealth of successes, each wave building on the last.

1. Cost-saving Advantage

Transitioning from Spisy to Odoo CE was akin to cutting anchor chains. The cost-saving advantage was immediately evident as productivity and efficiency surged. The streamlined processes ensured resources were allocated judiciously, contributing to significant cost reductions.

2. Customized Modules and Integrated Data

The Odoo implementation partner, Portcities, created Aneka Tuna-specific HR modules. We integrated loan management, overtime tracking, and employee personal data across departments and modules. Aneka gained data consistency and streamlined processes that Spisy could only dream about.

3. Operational Efficiency

The manual processes that once navigated the seas of inefficiency were now automated. This automation not only increased efficiency but also contributed to further streamlining operations. Odoo ERP transformed daily workflows with immediate advantages.

4. Localized Odoo Solutions

As Portcities' first HR project, tax computations were difficult. Mr. Adi's direction and careful work led to precise calculations and a successful HR system.

Aneka Tuna Indonesia saw benefits from the deployment, including smooth operations without difficulties. Odoo 12 CE allowed them to stop paying monthly or annually for other HR modules. These benefits took three months to achieve after rigorous testing and validation.

Unleash Your Business Potential with Odoo ERP

Successful ERP implementations like Aneka Tuna's with Odoo ERP prove their revolutionary impact. Business excellence was the goal of the Portcities cooperation, not just software deployment.

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In this case study, we’ve reflected on PT Aneka Tuna Indonesia and Portcities' collaboration. It showed how Odoo ERP simplifies human resources management in the manufacturing industry. This success story emphasizes that collaboration and innovation can solve challenges in various fields.

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