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20 000 clients / 60 000 interlocutors / 5 000 product references (without Variants and Painting finishes)

The talent for Odoo implementation with distribution is NOT to lock the client in standard functionalities. On the contrary, it consists of following an elaborated SOP and providing the tools needed to sustain it with customizations offering a complete set of functional needs.


Mobilconcepts had experienced users and well-cultured professionals. And yet, auditing during the Odoo with the distribution implementation process and providing the fundamentals to such a big player was a hard task since we only had a 2 weeks presence window on location.

Odoo integrated the following:

  • CRM

  • Sales

  • Warehousing

  • Purchasing

  • Accounting

  • Finance

  • Advanced IFRS compliant & French DGFIP compliant reporting.

CRM was heavily customized to integrate:

  • Public markets tender partners integration.

  • Tender management

  • Mandatory Project Approach for Sales

  • Mandatory Project Approach for Sales

  • Mandatory Project Approach for Sales

SALES was customized to integrate:

  • Project relation as Mandatory to allow the future analysis of costs and profits/loss per project.

  • Integration of Painting finishes outside variants and in dedicated lower-part form.

  • Redefined Discount integration with link to accounting.

  • Redefined financial discount with link to accounting.

  • Integration of sales margins WITH and WITHOUT transport for commissions calculations to be based on sold goods not including transport.

  • Integration of multi-zone / product type / amount transport automatic grid calculator.

  • Addition of an extra “PROFORMA in Quotation” feature allowing to issue proformas without committing with account moves.

  • Integration of Third Party address inside the Sales Order and pushed to Delivery orders in order to provide logistic addresses that are not bound to a partner but to a specific location or occasion for a one-time sales or event.

PURCHASING was customized to integrate:

  • New Just “In Time logic” modifying the push/pull rules and forbidding orders to be grouped by supplier but compelling the system to generate 1 Purchase Order per Validated Sales Order with link of the two.

  • Integration of Supplier and third party reference and lead time aligned with expected delivery dates.

ACCOUNTING was customized to integrate:

  • New Partners/account pull system for inputting account move lines.

  • New accounting flow integration for FACTOR which is a bank but inputs global remittances of many different clients inside 1 total payment.

  • Integration of Partner FACTOR identification.

  • Integration of the “Funds in Transit” accounting logic.

  • Creation of a fully functional Bank Reconciliation module integrating:

  • Previous bank balance integration in opening entries.

  • Calculation of Gap to justify between bank reckoning and accounting journal amounts per period.

  • Production of a full-featured report pointing out the reconciled and unreconciled movements.

  • Marking of reconciled entries.

  • Customization of Financial reports to allow N- comparisons.

  • Addition of reconciliation code in all mandatory reports.

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800 clients / 2500 interlocutors / 850 product references (+ up to 12 different options per product)