Empowering My Skincare Manufacturer: How Odoo Transformed Business Processes and GMP Compliance

Learn how Odoo revamps Skincare Manufacturing and ensures GMP compliance

Name of the Company: My Skincare Manufacturer

Location: Newcastle, Australia

Industry:  Manufacturing, Beauty Care

Company Size: 35+ employees

Time of Implementation: 1+ year

Systems implemented: Purchase, Sales, Inventory, Manufacturing, Quality, PLM, Accounting, Payroll, Timesheet, and Project.

About My Skincare Manufacturer

My Skincare Manufacturer Pty Ltd, a prominent player in the beauty care industry since 2009, has earned a stellar reputation for delivering exceptional manufacturing services to renowned brands and emerging startups alike. 

This case study highlights the collaboration between My Skincare Manufacturer and Portcities, which led to the implementation of Odoo—an all-encompassing suite of applications. 

Through this strategic partnership, My Skincare Manufacturer has undergone a remarkable operational transformation, empowering them with enhanced control over project management and manufacturing processes while successfully attaining the prestigious Goods Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification.

The Challenge

Before the Odoo implementation, My Skincare Manufacturer faced several significant challenges that hindered GMP compliance and overall efficiency. 

These challenges included:

  1. Lack of Component Traceability: The company struggled to track components throughout the production process, making it difficult to ensure compliance with GMP guidelines such as Quarantine, Released, Reject.
  2. Data Silos and Limited Collaboration: Inefficient data sharing across departments hindered effective collaboration, leading to delays and errors.
  3. Over-reliance on Excel Spreadsheets: My Skincare Manufacturer heavily relied on manual spreadsheets, which posed a risk of data inaccuracies and inhibited scalability.

Difficulty in forecasting and planning: Due to limited stock control, the company was not always sure of its raw materials stock levels and therefore, often had to carry out manual stock checks.

Portcities’ Solution

Partnering with Portcities, My Skincare Manufacturer embarked on an Odoo implementation journey, deploying a suite of ten Odoo apps tailored to their specific needs. 

These apps included Purchase, Manufacturing, Quality, Inventory, Sales, PLM, Payroll, Timesheet, Accounting, and Project.

This holistic implementation addressed the company's pain points and transformed their operations.

"Implementation is hard work but essential to running an efficient and profitable business to a high quality standard "

Jakob Mohr CEO, My Skincare Manufacturer

Achieving GMP Certification

The successful implementation of Odoo played a pivotal role in enabling My Skincare Manufacturer to obtain the prestigious GMP certification.

GMP certification ensures adherence to stringent guidelines, guaranteeing product quality and safety.

The Odoo apps provided the necessary tools and functionalities to meet GMP standards, resulting in significant benefits for the company:

  1. Enhanced Product Quality: By aligning with GMP guidelines, My Skincare Manufacturer improved product quality, fostering customer trust and satisfaction.
  2. Regulatory Compliance: The implementation has ensured adherence to GMP regulations, enabling the company to meet industry standards and regulatory requirements. Furthermore, Odoo's 'Quality Check Point' function has made it incredibly easy to set up tests on incoming goods. This function has been integrated into the 'Receiving' operation, meaning that stock is not available until the test or check has been carried out. This essential function has improved compliance with good manufacturing practices.
  3. Operational Efficiency: Streamlined processes, automated workflows, and real-time data visibility reduced errors, minimized delays, and optimized resource allocation.
  4. Potential for Growth: GMP certification opens doors to new business opportunities, attracting high-end clients and expanding market reach.
  5. Label for raw materials: Odoo's inventory module enabled the company to create unique SKU numbers and generate labels for all raw materials, which made it impossible to confuse similar materials and consolidate materials that were assumed to be different.

The main recommendation of My Skincare Manufacturer for other organizations with similar complexity for a successful ERP system implementation is to identify critical configurations and customizations needed to meet the minimum Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

The focus should be on these requirements to ensure that the system meets the minimum GMP requirements rather than dwelling on the 'details.'

This strategy enables businesses to benefit from using an effective electronic system before aiming for perfection.

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The collaboration between My Skincare Manufacturer, Portcities, and Odoo has transformed the company's operations, providing them with a comprehensive and integrated platform for project management, manufacturing, and GMP compliance.

Through this implementation, My Skincare Manufacturer has achieved higher product quality, regulatory compliance, and increased potential for growth.

The success story of My Skincare Manufacturer serves as a testament to the power of Odoo in revolutionizing business processes and propelling companies to new heights in the competitive beauty care industry.

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